Thursday, August 26, 2010

An Idea an Adult Had

      I read about a guy, Luke Jerram who has been traveling the world going from city to city scattering pianos all around the place. It's part of an effort, I can only guess, to annoy people. According to him he was in a laundromat in his hometown of Bristol, England and nobody was talking to him. Can you believe that? Nobody was talking to a stranger at a laundromat. His thought being if he had a piano people probably would have talked.  Why does someone who had a rough day and just wants to read the sports page bother this guy so much?
     For the record this guy isn’t upset because people aren’t talking with each other, he’s upset because people aren’t talking to him. That’s what the issue is. How self involved to you have to be where whenever a stranger doesn't talk to you it's considered a major affront? That's where the child's idea of the painted pianos comes from. Besides putting a painted piano in the middle of the street is not art that’s a child’s idea put forth by someone who should wash his goddamned clothes and go home.
     Which reminds me of an idea I had. Cut the roofs off of everyone's cars. That way we can engage in idle chitchat while stuck in traffic. Because every time I'm in a car and I see someone with their windows up I see that for what it is, a stranger depriving themselves of conversation with me. 

I'm an adult!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Post! ZOMG!

This is my first post. Please enjoy not reading it, and I will certainly enjoy not updating it.