Monday, February 25, 2013

Las Habladurías

     This is a conversation that happened between me and a lady who lives in my building as she was in the elevator with me:

Her: You know you can throw that trash in the compactor on your floor you don't have to go all the way down to the basement.

Me: Yeah, I know but I have recycling too.

Her: Oh, your garbage stinks do you have babies?

Me: No, a cat. A real stinky cat.

Her: Okay, you have a nice day.

Me: You too.

On its own this is a really dumb elevator conversation, but impressive in one. I was speaking English and she was speaking Spanish. I walked away feeling pretty good about myself. I was happy that people of all races creeds and languages can still communicate with Adam Sokol in a fluid and friendly matter. My friendly face transcends cultural and language barriers. I don't speak Spanish though. For all I know she was telling me if I ever stank up the elevator again she would throw me in the trash compactor. Either way.

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