Monday, July 29, 2013

Adam's Law of Go Fuck Yourself

I was at work talking to a customer who said looked at the price tag of a TV and said “looks like Moore’s Law applies to TVs as well as computers.” I looked at him a bit puzzled and he said “I guess I didn’t expect you to know what Moore’s law was, but it means that computer power will grow exponentially every 18 months. Turns out that applies to TV sizes. They’re growing at an exponential rate. And the prices are dropping at the same rate.”

Why are you being a jerk about this? Maybe I have heard of Moore’s Law (probably not). Maybe I looked at you that way because I wasn’t paying any attention to anything you were saying (definitely so). He could have just said “TV prices sure have dropped.” And I would have responded with whatever autopilot response I usually use when people say that. But instead he had to try to sound like a smug jerk. Well I don’t like smug jerks so now you’re going to get your math checked!

Porn was not meant to viewed like this

Sir, do you really not see how very wrong that is? You're wrong in two ways. Moore said computing power would double every two years. So let’s go ahead and apply this to TV size. By now we should have TVs that are about 4,398,046,511,104” large. Or about 366 billion miles (diagonal). That’s assuming that the first TV in 1929 was only one inch big. 

I remember when I could buy 1,172,607,880 TVs for a nickel!

And now to pricing. The first TV cost around $12,000 dollars (adjusted for inflation). By today we should all be able to get a several hundred billion inch screen TV for right around $.00000000004264. 

And one more graph for you asshole. It shows that how smart you were trying to appear is directly proportionate to how much of a douche you were being. 

That's what you get for asking what TV will make PBS look the best. Nothing will ever make that look good. Nothing.

That'll teach him for correctly assuming my lack of knowledge on a given subject!


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