Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Slide to Remember

Let me take you back to a simpler time. The year was 1995. Bill Clinton was in the midst of the longest period of economic growth and his ability to sexually manipulate his subordinates had yet to be challenged. On the radio Montell Jordan was showing us how to do it, while TLC told the world what not to chase. And ethnic Albanians were still facing the business end of Slobodan Milošević while America had yet to give a shit. And two young men bonded over a show called Sliders. As any of you alive at that time will remember that the nation was in the midst of what has since been dubbed "Sliders Fever". It was hard to avoid. It's cultural impact is still felt to this day.

Sliders means never having to say you're sorry

Those of you too young, or in a coma during those years have probably read in history books about what a influential show Sliders was. It was a show in which a group of people traveled between dimensions. Sometimes the dimensions were scary. Sometimes they were comical. Sometimes they were blatant ripoffs of other current movies. But no matter what happened or how different the world was one thing remained the same. The fact that no matter how different the world they were traveling to was, everyone would look the same, be the same age, and have the name.

Quinn's parents fuck at the exact same time no matter how different the world is

Here's the episode where the gang finds themselves in a life or death game played for an entertainment that's televised in a post apocolyptic world. A game in which the last survivor wins.
Good lord Mr. Mallory, we've slid to a world where Suzanne Collins is free to rip us off
Here's the episode where there are snakes. Snakes on a plane. Snakes that cause a plane to crash.

I'm tired of these mother fucking snakes in this mother fucking parallel dimension 
And of course the episode that foresaw just how shitty tattoos and Brooklynites would be.

The power of Bright Eyes compels you

Once in a generation a show comes along that is so pervasive it becomes a bonding experience for a society. As many of you remember Sliders of course was that show. I remember. I can’t begin to tell you just how many friendships were made over Sliders, but I remember one that was strengthened by it. My friend Ryan and I were inseparable. I vividly remember the day he told me about watching the series premier the night before. He cursed me as a fool for missing it. I was, but it was a mistake I wasn’t soon to repeat. For the next three years that it was on Fox if an episode had just aired you can be sure as shit that Ryan and I were going to be found hashing out what happened to Quinn and the gang the next day. Until of course it was cancelled and picked back up by the Sci-Fi channel, and neither of us knew what happened to it so we just assumed it had been cancelled.

I had thought that Sliders, like my bond with Ryan had been lost to the ages. I hadn't heard from either in years. Now, thanks to the power of the internet Sliders is back. It came to Netflix and since then we've been spending our free time catching up. As far as Ryan, who knows. I’m sure if I spent a few minutes online I’d be more than able to find him. But why bother, I’ve got what matters most.

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