Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tiny House, Big Douches

As yesterday was Earth Day I thought I would take some time to write about our friend the environment. Everyone who knows me knows that I care about the environment. It’s a pretty neat thing and I’d hate to wake up and have the environment up and be gone one of these days. Of course you all know that the only way to really save the environment is to loudly tell other people that you’re doing something that they’re not. Because if you’re doing something good for the environment and you’re not lording it over people’s heads constantly, are you really doing anything for the environment? Of course not.
Everyone knows that the only way to care for the environment is ostentatiously 

Which leads me to the tiny house movement. If you're not familiar with these folks you should be ashamed of yourself, because they are on the front lines of the war for Mother Earth. What the movement consists of is people living in small houses. And that’s really about it. But don’t worry, there are multiple websites and blogs reminding the world that they live in small houses. As this makes no fucking sense to uninformed (i.e. YOU), I’m here to clear up some confusion about this movement.

Q. How great are the people involved in this?

Q. A lot of these pictures just look like mobile homes, why don’t these people live in an existing trailer park, or mobile home community?
A. Ewww gross. You expect the people on the vanguard of a revolution to live in a trailer park? That’s disgusting. You, see these people CHOOSE to live in a small space, that doesn’t mean that they deserve to live next to people who have to live in a small space.
Definitely not a mobile home. It's just house. With wheels.
Q. Isn’t setting your tiny houses in suburbs and exurbs technically urban sprawl. And isn't urban sprawl a bad thing?
A. No. Urban sprawl only counts if you vote republican.

Don't worry the $20 they gave to the Sierra Club fifteen years ago negates the environmental impact of this
Q. Doesn’t putting these on new lots in new communities in suburbs or exurbs cause the destruction of trees and displace animals habitats?
A. We at the tiny house movement are convinced that animals are going to be excited to have us as neighbors. Plus it’s not like we’re taking down all the trees to live amongst them. Just enough for our houses, which are of course tiny. Also roads, schools, and stores. So there’s still gonna be a bunch of trees they can live in those. It might be crowded, but we’re living in smaller spaces the squirrels can too.
Your SUV is ugly, but the fact that I lease a new car every two years is in no way wasteful or impacting the environment in a negative way

Q. Wouldn’t it make more sense to move closer to a city center? It seems the fact that these houses, however tiny they are, being that far out put a strain on existing services like water, power, and waste disposal. Not to mention wouldn’t being closer to a city center make you less reliant on your car for everyday tasks like grocery shopping and the like? Plus, being in a multifamily unity would allow you build up which would diminish your footprint, would it not?

My other car is a pair of boots. Not this car. This car is a car. But sometimes I walk places

I hope that gave you a better understanding of one of the most important movements in modern environmentalism. Maybe next time I'll cover similar stories of great impact such as the one that involves constantly forgetting, but making sure to remind people of your canvas bags. I think it's safe to say that with such responsible stewards looking out for us our old friend the environment is in the best of hands. 


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