Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Expert Blogger

As everyone who reads flimsily supported pop-sociology books is familiar with, it takes ten thousand of something to become an expert. I won’t go into specifics because I’ve spent zero thousand hours reading The Outliers: The Story of Success. But in the book author Malcolm Gladwell explains that in order to become truly great at something you have to put in the work. How much work? Exactly ten thousand hours.

Social "Science"

 Then and only then are you to be considered an expert. After that you can just coast. I don’t know how exactly an hour of work equates to page views, but I’ll assume that it’s a direct 1:1 ratio. By that rule I am proud to announce that as of yesterday the entirety of Earth has become an expert at reading this blog!
Good work everyone!

Readership seemed to pick up after I started it. Thanks Google.

It took everyone a lot of hard work. You saw me through some hard times. Those first couple posts were pretty abysmal. There were some lulls to be sure. Not to mention typos on top of tpyos on top of typos. And who can forget that dark time when I thought about packing the whole operation up and moving over to Tumblr.
I have no idea what this chart is saying, but it's the only one that shows Blogger doing better than Tumblr. It's probably showing the amount of cool dudes on each.

But you prevailed, and let’s be honest you’re better for it. So congratulations Earth. You couldn’t have done it without me.

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