Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday the 13th

Today is Friday the 13th. A day that is supposed to be unlucky. I don’t know the origin of why it’s unlucky and don’t really feel like going to Wikipedia to find out, because I don’t care about superstitious bullshit. It’s not that I’m one of those idiots who lives a life free of frivolous worry. Far from it. I don’t worry about superstitions because I’m too wrapped up in every other thing there is to worry about. 

Not giving any fucks

I heard that some airlines discount certain tickets on Friday the 13th because a certain segment of people are scared to fly that day. Those people are amateurs. Why just worry about flying on Friday the 13th when you can be paralyzed by fear every time you fly! 

Thanks CNN!

You should be nervous if you cross a black cat as that means your luck is gonna suck and you should be careful doing everyday activities. Everyday activities like crossing the street. You should ALWAYS be nervous crossing the street. The street is filled with idiots driving multiple tons of soundproofed weapons at speeds that will kill you instantly. That should make you nervous. The only bad luck I have with cats crossing my path is that I’ll often bend down to pet them making approaching cars even less likely to see me before they slam into my head. 

Fun fact: 100000% of New Yorkers die everyday

You should be nervous about crossing under a ladder because that’s also bad luck. I think it’s better luck to be under a ladder at any given time. Less chance for the hundreds of poorly installed AC units to fall on your head and crush you to death. 
In the owner of that AC unit's defense he would've had to pay his super twenty bucks to avoid having this happen
If the next seven years suck, it’s not because you broke a mirror it’s because it's just another year. Most years kinda suck for most people. Who are you to think this was gonna be your seven anyhow?

So worry about today if you want to. Me, I'll be worrying about every other day.

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