Saturday, August 9, 2014

Saying "9-11 Was An Inside Job" Is An Inside Job

I think everyone can agree there there is a vast conspiracy surrounding the events of September 11th 2001. Only a right fool could possible believe that exactly what you saw unfold before your eyes is what unfolded before your eyes. It’s obvious that a shadowy cabal of some of the most powerful people on Earth orchestrated that horrific event to manipulate the world into fulfilling their agenda. Now they’re conspiring to keep us from knowing the truth. Only those of us who aren’t afraid of the truth and are will to ask the tough questions are open to knowing what really went down.

9-11-2001: The day Friends had to hastily change their opening sequence

There’s really just one question you have to ask, and that’s “who benefits?” Once you’ve figured that out everything falls into place. A lot of people in the 9/11 Truth movement will tell you that it was a group of wealthy industrialists in cahoots with the folks at the highest levels of power of this country brought down those towers. They think this because of the thought that it was done in order to stir up some trouble in order to make all sorts of money off oil and war.

I’ve never like that reasoning. It sounds nice in a convoluted conspiracy nut kind of way. Listen, I’ve got no love lost for oil folks or war mongers. But that whole thing assumes that oil and war were just about done with until 9-11 came along. We were all sitting around happy as clams on 9-10 in our electric cars breathing clean air and singing happy songs along all four corners of the globe. The CEOs of Exxon, BP, and Bullets Inc. were struggling to make ends meet while working second and third jobs. They knew something needed to happen or else they’d wind up in the poor house. Then they settled on the whole murder a bunch of people with a false flag operation thing.

Demand for war: starting point beginning of time

If that sounds like a crock of shit it’s because it’s crock of shit. I mean on the surface it kinda makes sense. I’m sure oil and defense companies have been making some money. I don’t even have to look that up because they’ve been making money since the beginning of time and will continue to do so long after humans have been eliminated from Earth (probably gone due to oil use and war, but I digress). People like oil. People like war. We always have and by god we always will. In fact the only thing the citizens of the world enjoy more than wasting oil is killing people who stand in the way of more oil consumption. Oil and war are two of the most stable industries that have ever existed. So if you’re an oil company who gives a shit if you profits jump up a couple more billion dollars. yes they’ve benefited, but not in any way that they probably even noticed. Making a few more billion to them I like finding. a dime for you and me. Neat, but who cares.
Chart shows demand for oil from 1BC to 45000 years after humans are extinct. 

Could it be that folks are just wrong about who’s responsible or is their something more sinister at foot? Have we been purposefully misled by the real perpetrators of 9-11. Everyone familiar with magic knows about misdirection. The object of a magician is to keep you looking where they want you to look so you don’t notice the trick. Could it be that’s whats happening behind this whole 9-11 truth movement. All you have to do is ask yourself who benefits and the answers will appear quite clearly. The real responsible parties are the makers of conspiracy themed products. Think about it. They may not be making as much as the oil companies in terms of total dollars, but in terms of percentages their profits have gone up to an unimaginable level. The demand for oil has remained all but constant forever. Whereas the demand for listening to jackasses talk about false flags was stagnant at best. Now you can’t spend 10 minutes on Facebook without an unemployed guy you kinda knew from college trying to explain to you the finer points of when steel melts.

Demand for conspiracy related horse shit. All numbers courtesy of my ass. 

Some of you might be curious as to what I have in the way of evidence. Well if the proliferation of movies such as Loose Change, Books such as Debunking 9/11 Debunking, and t-shirts such as:
Looking good!

Don’t convince you, I don’t know what will. I mean, come on. But for other proof you just have to ask use your brain. Everyone knows that the more dangerous a conspiracy theory is the more those that benefit will do to keep people from figuring out the truth. The monied interests are really good at keeping people in the dark, so the fewer people that believe in any given theory the higher the likelihood there is that it’s true. My theory is so true that not one person on Earth believes it. If the monied interests are so determined to keep people from knowing that even I know this is horse shit, then I must be on to something. And the something I'm onto goes all the way to the top!


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