Friday, August 15, 2014

The 80s Kid Challenge!

Were you born in the 80’s! Only the GIFs know for sure. Read on and find out!

Do you remember the first time Alanis Morisette told you what you ought to have known?

How about when you wept at the fact The Power Rangers wouldn’t save you from the savage attacks of your father?

All you wanted was Zack Morris to give you his phone so you could beat Screech to within an inch of his stupid “zoinks” saying life.

and that the Nintendo Power Glove was fucking worthless

and whenever the police came over your cool uncle would hide his coke in your Popple

And you hated letting your cousin borrow your water snake because it would come back smelling… funny.

And Jim proved that we still had the only Belushi we needed.

You remember when men were men

and women were women
Hubba hubba!

If you answered yes to most of these then for fucks sake get back to work. I mean, come on. You’re in your thirties. This kind of behavior just isn’t acceptable anymore. Listen, we hired you because I knew your dad, but enough is enough. Come Monday morning you, me, and HR really need to talk about your performance to date.

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