Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A (True) Story About A Guy Named Mitch

I went to high school with a guy named Mitch. Mitch was a cool dude who did cool things. Drugs mostly. Drugs wasn’t the only thing Mitch was ahead of the curve on though. Mitch used to be into listening to shitty music pumped up to high volumes through oversized distorted bassey headphones. Just like the kids are into these days.

Mitch used to listen to his music really fucking ear blisteringly loud. People (nerds) used to wonder what the point of listening to music that loud. “Hey MItch” the nerds would ask. “Arent’ you afraid of hearing loss?”

“Nah.” Mitch would answer.

“Oh, well maybe you should be. Because that’s currently happening.” The nerds would say like a bunch of stupid nerds.

Then Mitch would give them 250 db of cool cranked up to eleven. “Nah, man. I ain’t worried about hearing loss, because fuckin’ I want to loose my hearing.”

You see Mitch was an ideas man. And like a lot of ideas men Mitch had an idea. Mitch loved music. He loved listening to so much that he didn't want to listen to it using his ears anymore. He wanted to get his other senses involved in the process. So his plan was to deafen himself. That way he would only be able to feel the music. Seriously. I imagine even if feeling the music is as great as Mitch thought it’d be,  there is going to be a serious hangover period in regards to phase two. The part where he has to go through only feeling what once he was able to hear.
And he want on to...
That was the only conversation I ever had with Mitch, and I never found out what became of him. Sometimes after high school you’ve found you’ve drifted apart from the people you care about. Sometimes as in the case of Mitch, you really just don’t give a shit what happens to people. That being said I have wondered what happened to him. I wonder if he ever made his dream of losing all his hearing come true. I also wonder that if he died shortly thereafter because he wasn’t sufficiently able to feel a fire alarm.

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