Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Henry Ford: One Salty-a-Meatball

If you grew up in Michigan like I did then chances are you know a thing or two about Henry Ford. No area is more associated with the car industry than Detroit, and if you're going to give a face to the car industry it'd be none other than Henry Ford.

And for good reason: he was the one who brought two revolutionary ideas to the car industry. First, Ford was famous for applying the assembly line model that had never been used before (aside from the businesses that had already adopted it). Also, Ford was the first in the auto industry to try beating the shit out of workers for trying to form a union when his remarkable $5 a day without a pension or hope of a safe work environment wasn't enough.

Ford passed union leaders from thug to thug, each one specializing in hurting a specific part of the body. Revolutionary!

So you can see why he'd be such a big deal here. There are a number of museums about Ford and his company. Some of them are even pretty neat. In these museums there are a bunch of gift shops, and in these gift shops there are any number of books about Henry Ford. Very few of these books cover the part of Ford's life that involved hating Jews, but I guess that'd look weird in a gift shop next to a block of Michigan fudge. One of my favorite kind of Ford books are the book of quotes. These are fun because he was a highly quotable man.
Ford seen here thinking up some sick fucking quotes.
A lot of great quotes. Though some take on a very different meaning when you take into account Ford's rabid antisemitism. Such as "vision without execution is just hallucination." A little too on the nose if you ask me.

My favorite little fact about Ford is the rumor that he would never hire someone who put salt on their food before they ate it. Because I guess he thought anyone who salted something before they tried it was silly on account of not knowing something needed salt before you tried it right? I think that says the opposite of what Henry Ford thought. Hey Hank, just because I haven't tried THIS baked potato yet, doesn't mean I've never tried a baked potato yet in my entire life. I'm familiar with the concept of baked potatoes.

How is the person who salts a potato considered an idiot in this scenario and not the weirdo who thinks that every baked potato is so radically different that you're a fool if you put a dash of salt on it?
The more ambitious the Ford quote, the more uneasy minorities got. 

Also the guy hated Jews. A whole heck of a lot. In Henry Ford's world every potato on Earth is as unique as a snowflake and deserves to be tasted before you salt it, but at the same time saw fit to give Adolf Hitler lavish presents. Hating whole groups of people is the exact same as salting a whole punch bunch of potatoes. Only in this case he's not putting salt on potatoes without trying them, he's putting salt on Jews without trying them. So, I guess you can have any opinion of Henry Ford you want, so long as you think he's wrong.