Friday, December 11, 2015

Adam de Sokol: Democracy in America 2: ELECT THIS!* *Gestures To Dick

Reading the news. Reading my social media feed. Watching TV. Almost everyone seems to be pretty angry at a guy named Donald Trump. Well, thats not true. Just almost all the people I know seem to really hate the guy. A bunch of other people seem to really dig him, but I don’t know those folks so this all seems pretty one sided. 
Trump is running for president, and he’s an ass. This has happened before and it’ll happen again. I have to say I’m not too worried about the guy actually becoming the president so I don’t  plan on being worried about it too much. I should say I’m not a journalist or a professional prognosticator. But I do have roughly 75% of a political science degree And in my capacity as observer with more than one half of one poli-sci degree I’m able to pick up on certain election nuances that folks with <.5 poli-sci degree aren’t able to pick up on as easily.
My parents have this hanging on their wall next to my sisters' degrees
Trump is what we experts refer to as a “cunt” candidate. The kind of person who says some crazy shit, gets the media all stirred up, gets the nuttier aspects of the base all riled up, but ultimately fizzles out. (For another example see Reagan, Ronald)
This election is getting serious Mr. Kucinich, so you can go home now. 
That being said, one thing that I think is a tad fucked up about this election is I’ve heard folks on both sides say they plan on voting for the the person they plan on voting for because that’s the one that’s going to piss off the other side the most.
That’s means that our democracy is really just getting ever closer to becoming just a Mexican standoff. I used to think that was a bad thing. Used to…Until I remembered that for the past 7 years I’ve been Facebook friends with a prop comic. A prop comic who seemingly wakes up every morning for the sole purpose of getting angry at Obama. And I think about all the joy that man hating the president has brought me. So before you pull that lever make sure you think long and hard about not just who you’re voting for, but who you’re going to piss off in the process. 

Vote early. Vote often. Vote for spite in 2016.

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