Friday, January 22, 2016

Water Water Everywhere, For The Love Of God Don't Have A Drink

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has had a pretty rough go of it the last while. All of it very deserved. He's fucked up beyond any kind of forgiveness, and should either quit or be dragged out of the governor's mansion in a new tar and feather coat. I know a lot of politics is subjective, but it's gotta be hard to be proud of the job you've done when children are literally being poisoned for years under your watch. So I have absolutely no sympathy for the self proclaimed nerd in Lansing. 
In Snyder’s defense, I’ll bet this is cheaper than clean water
Meanwhile while all the blame is being heaped on Snyder, General Motors has been seen putting it's hand it it's pockets and whistling nonchalantly as it walks out the back door. Yeah, Snyder had the idea to save money by giving people poisoned water, but he wasn't the one who spent the entirety of the last century dumping poison into the water. That honor goes to GM. Snyder neglected the situation because the people being affected because they were mostly poor and black, but he's not the one who spent seventy years building up a city, and the past thirty destroying it with malignant neglect.
To paraphrase Henry Ford “you can fuck over any city you want, so long as it’s black.”
Since about 1900 (give or take, I'm not looking up facts because this is a blog, and thems the rules) GM made a small timber town into a giant of auto manufacturing. They did this until about the 80s when the folks at top decided “fuck it, let’s get outta here.” Since then GM jobs have dropped about 90%. I'm not anti free trade necessairly.  People moved to Flint and lived in Flint because they had jobs. That's what pretty much the whole city economy was based on. GM moves out (or at least 90% of it did), and everything else goes down the tubes. Houses aren't worth as much becasue there aren't jobs there anymore. People can't just move away becasue they've invested in houses there and now they can't afford to leave them. So not only did GM, but when asked if they planned on cleaning up any of the environmental or socioeconomic mess they’d spent seventy years creating, local legend has it that the board of GM responded by laughing wildly while a pile of money burned as they literally peed on schoolchildren. 
There's a saying round Michigan when GM sneezes, America catches a cold. It was of course coined by a GM chairman. So I guess the update is when GM vomits poison into a water supply for a century the city that GM fucked over without a thought ingests poison. Not nearly as catchy, but what're you gonna do. So let’s destroy Rick Snyder, because fuck that guy, but let’s save some tar and feathers for folks at GM. 

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