Saturday, February 18, 2017

No Trek, Just A Few Thoughts

I didn’t watch any Star Trek this week. Sorry, but it doesn’t look like I will the rest of the day, so I don’t think I’ll post any Good Trek / Bad Trek today. I’m trying to write more and trying to post more on here, so I guess here are just some thoughts as I type this. This will probably be more typo-ridden than usual. 

  • I watched the Trump press conference the other day and oh boy. There are legitimate reasons to not like the media as a whole. The fact that it’s shitty is probably the best reason. I hate how the fact that Trump repeatedly shits on CNN has elevated them to dogged martyr status. Trump is right for the wrong reasons. CNN does fucking suck, but not because they’re mean to Trump. The whole station is run like it’s trying to get you to buy it while you check out at the grocery store. That being said, the vitriolic hatred of all things the media freaks me out. I don’t know what it is, but really it seems that only consistent view from the right over the past sixty years is that the news makes them angry. That’s a weird thing to unite a people.

  • New Rule: I don't like Real Time with Bill Maher. I don’t understand who it's for. I watched the much-touted episode with Milo Yanjl;joihbkjhlpolis and I gotta say I just don’t get it. I don’t get who Milo is for. I don’t get who Bill Maher is for. I. Just. Don’t. Get. It. 

  • Bill Maher strikes me as the kind of guy who smiles at himself and says “yeah, I said it” about a thousand times a day. 

  • Milo Whateveropolis isn’t a news figure. I don’t get why he’s considered such. He’s a silly character for silly people. There was a douche I went to hight school with who used to flick my ear and call me names. Are we putting him on TV to address shit now? Do we as a country also care what he has to say about shit?

  • That’s it really. I don’t know shit. I’ve been taking in a lot of news, and it’s a bummer. Not just the news itself, but how it’s delivered and how people react to it. It seems people are only interested in having their own opinion yelled back at them. I don’t know the right way to take in the news. I do know that I’ve read multiple comments online of folks who say that they get sexually aroused by Trump shitting on the media. So, no matter what news you take in or how you take it in that’s the wrong way to do it. I’m sure they were joking, but I also know that they weren’t joking enough. 

So, I don’t know the right way to take in the news, but I do know that that’s the wrong way. 

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