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Breaking Bad, Trump, & Good Trek/Bad Trek #21 Court Martial

In addition to watching the original Trek I'd also spent some time rewatching Breaking Bad. Boy. That show is pretty darn good. Since Better Call Saul got so many accolades a lot of folks have been retroactively shitting on Breaking Bad. That's part of a larger shitty thing about people today. You can't just like something. You have to be anti-something else. You're not a Red SoxYou can't just like better call Saul. You have to talk about how Breaking Bad was never that good and we were all tricked into liking it while it was on. Even though you sang its praises during the initial run. That's horse shit. 

It annoys me, but I get it. I've been guilty of this as anyone else. When I was younger I liked the Hives. They're badass. Saw them open for the New Bomb Turks and they blew me away. They might still be, but I haven't really kept up with their career. Haven't really checked in on their new stuff. Sure it's fine. Tyrannosaurus Hives. Wasn't great. But what're you gonna do? Anyhow, I liked The Hives so I figured I couldn't be into The Strokes. Don't know why I thought they were competing, but that was the line I drew. Started listening to The Strokes a couple years ago, and you know what? They're both pretty damn good. There's room on the iPod for both camps. I’m pretty sure The Vines were in the same vein, but I don’t know shit about them so who knows. 

This week in why they call McCoy Bones

This is also kind of the thing with Trump. I don’t want to get too into the woods here, but his whole ideology if you can call it that is based on what he isn’t and who he’s pissing off. Nobody really seems to like him. They seem to like that other people really don’t like him. Everything is based on making liberals angry. Melting snowflakes if you will. This kinda went off the rails. Trump is the kind of guy who doesn't like The Yankees so much as he hates The Red Sox. And that's why the whole country is fucked. 

That being said I didn’t care for Breaking Bad as much the second time through. I’m not sure if you remember Breaking Bad, but this Walt character is a real sonofagun. I remember watching the show the first time through and being excited about how bad Walt was breaking. As a passive dude who internalizes and never let's go of a lot of anger, I used to relish getting compared to him. I was told by one person that I looked like Walt. Usually, I wasn’t told I looked like Walt, it was always “you look like Breaking Bad.” I was told by a coworker that “it’s not that you look like him, but you got the same shit in your eyes.” I thought that was funny. Now, less so. I was told by another friend that I had a quiet severity that reminded him of the character. Just means I guess that I’d be the kind of dude who’d watch the life drain from someone’s face and be cool with it. Knowing the fate that awaits Walt. He’s a real bastard. I guess when you know what all his choices are leading to it makes it harder to sympathize with. The finale is still pretty badass though. 

Enough Breaking Bad. This week’s episode of TOS was Court Martial. Not bad. 

These practical effects from the 60's look so much better than almost anything from Enterprise

There’s been an ion storm and the Enterprise has lost a crewman. Kirk is pretty broken up about it until he realizes that he’s going to have to face a court martial. A court martial most foul. The rest of the episode is the trial. Turns out the poor bastard who died in the ion storm, him and Kirk have history. History in that the dead crewman is Benjamin Finney and he blames Kirk for everything wrong with his life. There’s evidence that Kirk did it, but was it forged. Yes, of course, it was. Kirk is innocent. Finney faked the whole thing and he’d just been hanging out on the ship the entire time. 

Good Trek:

Yeah. It was pretty damn good. I’m a sucker for these space trial episodes. Except for The Menagerie, which sucked. I liked the emphasis on how hard it would be to captain a starship. That is a unique skillset. Don’t think I’d be up to the job. The ending seemed a little forced. I guess I would’ve preferred to get off because he’s a captain and it’s a tough job. I thought the legal stuff was better TV than the big fist fight in engineering. 
How was anyone surprised that this dude was on the edge?

How fucked is it that Starfleet was cool with their star prosecutor having a personal relationship with the person she was trying to prosecute? I have to believe that regardless of the outcome a three-judge panel is taking a look at this one. 

Okay, so the whole thing is a result of faked evidence. Kirk is accused of pushing the jettison pod button before the red alert one. Why the fuck is there even a dedicated button for jettisoning pods? And why is it right under two buttons that are probably used often. There’s a lot of alerts. A lot less pod jettisoning. This just seems like a real design flaw that needs to be addressed next time they head back to McKinley. At the BARE MINIMUM jettisoning a pod should require a short code. Nothing crazy. It should just be tougher than unlocking a phone. 
You wanna court martial someone, go with the fucking idiot who designed this console. What are the unlabeled buttons? Self-desctruct and super self-destruct?

Bad Trek:

I already told you, The Menagerie. If you want to watch some garbage, then go with that one. If you want to mix it up you could also go with Ex Post Facto. That Voyager episode about fabricated evidence and a trial, but don’t worry it’s a lot less fun to watch. 

Good Trek:

Honestly there’s a lot. Starfleet court martials are a well they go back to a lot. Which is fine by me, because it usually makes for some compelling TV, including this here episode. The exceptions being The Menagerie (fuck that episode) and Ex Post Facto. That one is out of Starfleet’s jurisdiction, so I guess I’ll give it a pass. There’s two TNG episodes you could go with. Either Measure of a Man or The Drumhead. There’s also a pretty badass DS9 one called Rules of Engagement. Even though I think the DS9 is the one I prefer, Measure of a Man is the better of the two. Season 2 of TNG largely sucks. It’s silly, the effects are shitty, and the acting is hammy. This is one of the first episodes that elevates is above being crappy genre fair and let everyone know how good it could and would become. It’s not a court martial, but a trial to determine whether or not Data is a person or property. It’s a great watch. So get on that. 

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