Friday, February 2, 2018

Awards Season & Good Trek/ Bad Trek #56 Discovery: What's Past Is Prologue

Intro: I’ve loved Star Trek since I was a kid. I started by watching TNG in 6th grade. I’ve been a fan since then and though I’ve spent a lot of time watching Star Trek, I’ve never watched The Original Series. So, I’m watching and reviewing them as a fan of Star Trek, but one who’s never seen any of them. So I’m watching all the TOS episodes for the first time and saying whether or not they suck. At the end, I give examples of better and/or worse Star Trek episodes to watch that remind me of this episode. Usually, I ramble on about some bullshit before the Trek. That’s it.

It’s awards season, I guess. Awards season seems like it starts somewhere around March and ends somewhere around mid-February. I don’t really get invested in them. There’s a lot of dumb shit I do get involved in. Awards just aren't for me. I don't get the appeal and I never have. 

People were angry that Wonder Woman didn’t get an Academy Award nomination. Come on. You liked Wonder Woman that’s good. It did something better than deserve an Oscar. It was actually a good DCEU movie. What’s wrong with just having that as your legacy? I don’t care how much you liked Wonder Woman, but you can’t seriously be surprised that it didn't’ get a best picture nod. That can’t have caught you flat-footed. And if it did then why? I’m not an awards guy. I don’t get into them. I take in stuff. I like stuff. Sometimes other people take in the same stuff that I do and we can talk about it. I like that. Unless you're an awards season fan who's never actually seen an awards show. And also Wonder Woman was the only movie you saw last year. Then I can see how you'd be flummoxed by this snub. I'm pretty sure that Wonder Woman was one of the only new movies I saw last year. I didn't see any of the other best picture nominees. Had it been nominated I still would've thought it was an odd choice. Plus, it already won. Not an Oscar but it made a shit load of money and people loved it. Plus you can talk to someone about it without boring the shit out of them which what you're probably doing when you insist on talking about Phantom Thread, a movie I will never ever see. 

I’m not really an awards season guy. I don’t really get it all the crazy attention it seems to get. People get nuts over whether something wins an award or not. Just like the shit you like and be done with it. Why do you need to be validated so much based on your choices? Who gives a shit. People bitch about how wrong all these awards always are about everything and then  Will you actually feel smarter because you liked the "best picture" before it got the best picture?

Know what didn't win an Oscar? This episode of Discovery. Not because it didn't deserve it, but because it's a TV show and also aired in the wrong year. So, there's that. Here goes...


To all the folks who rage quit after the last episode, you missed a doozy in this week. We are of course still in the dark mirror universe. Only this and one more after this one. Curious how they plan on ending this because there’s been a lot of build up. Wondering if there’s going to be any resolution before the end of the season. You’d think they’ll give us a little. Unless just the whole series is going to take place in the mirror universe. That’d be a bold move. But they don't do that so it doesn't matter.  

The second best scene of the series so far

Mirror Lorca is running around freeing the Lorca loyalist folks from their various agonizers booths. So they capture the Emperor’s ship. Which they do with surprising ease. This leads to a great cat and mouse where Landry, the original chief of security that we initially met on the Discovery, tries to track down Burnham. I liked her. Mirror Landry doesn't’ last very long either which is a shame. I like the actor and wanted a chance to like the character. Seems like either one of them would be a good fit for the show, but they're both gone now. Georgiou is all kinds of dejected but at least Burnham has a great plan that of course works out perfectly. With the aid of Discovery, they’re able to take out mirror Lorca and destroy the emperor's palace. And make it back to the prime universe. There’s a catch though because of course there is. They make it back to the mirror universe, but it looks like they’ve overshot the time. They’re nine months later than they thought and now it appears too late to help at all with the war effort. Because the Federation has lost the war. Klingons have taken a bunch of Federation territory. 

Good Trek?

I shit on last week’s episode a lot. I think mostly deserved. Some of it was hyperbolic nerd shit, but that’s gonna happen in a Trek blog. I liked this one a lot better. I liked this one a lot better even though it’s a direct result of the one before. I’ll give the writers of this show this much, they’re really good at taking a bold twist, sticking it, and moving right on. Lorca was a server villain thirteen episodes in the making. He’s a supervillain. Big reveal. Now he’s dead. That’s bold. That’s really really bold and good on them. There’s something to be said for boldness. Boldness and twists. This show definitely doesn't lack either. I still think the show is over-reliant on twists, but they are good at them. But I’ll give them this, they are keeping me guessing. I’m very rarely right in my predictions of what is about to go down. 

Boy, is it just me or security in the agonizer booth chamber pretty light? I know everyone is trapped in their various agonizers, but you’d think they’d have more than the one guy overseeing the whole agonizer operation. Something like this was just bound to happen. 

Believe me, this burn is a lot sicker than it looks

I think the thing I liked most about this episode is watching Saru step up and be one hell of a captain. Doug Jones is a treasure and Saru is such a great character. His speech to his crew is inspiring and he goes from a good second in command to a captain who gets shit done. He very much is deserving of a promotion. I don’t know if they’ll let him command Discovery, but he’s definitely got a medal or two coming his way. Saru’s "I do not sense the coming of death” speech is right up there with Worf’s perhaps today is a good day to die. God bless Doug Jones and his Saru. If something happens to him then I’ll be pretty upset. 

The writers addressing fans' concerns
It’s also nice to see an actual well-choreographed fight scene in a Trek series. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing I enjoy more than watching Riker take a huge swing and deliver a double-fisted punch to someone's back which knocks them out cold for some reason. But these fights are crazy good. 
Don't get too comfortable, Landry
Is it just me or does the more evil Lorca gets the more Southern his accent also gets? Also, Lorca's "make the Terran Empire great again" speech was a little too on the nose. Maybe that's just me, but come on. 

So we think that Lorca is gone or are we thinking that Prime Lorca might show up at some point. I like Jason Isaacs as an actor. Wouldn’t mind seeing him show back up. I have to say that I like prime Lorca showing back up than I do mirror Georgia running around the prime universe. I get that Burnham didn’t want to let her mentor die again, but maybe drop her off somewhere. She doesn’t belong here. Get her out of here. 

While we're on the subject, w
hy is Georgiou in the real universe? There is no reason to keep this storyline going that I can think of. I’ve been watching this show long enough to be pretty sure that the writers have a plan for her, but for the life of me, I can’t seem to think of what that might be. She can’t just step into the captain’s chair, can she? She was an emperor which is impressive on a resume but at the same time, I don’t really think she’s cut from Federation cloth. 

I do NOT envy Saru. He’s gonna be sitting there on the bridge and feel some eyes on him. His little ganglia is gonna go off and he’s going to turn around to see Captain Emperor Georgiou licking her lips and wearing a plastic bib. Do you think Burnham tells him about this? Kinda fucked up to have to look at one of your superior offices in the eye knowing full well what he tastes like. She did say he was delicious before she found out it was a Kelpien. Think she’s got the taste for it now?

When Stamets asked Tilly to see where and WHEN they are it was pretty clear that they were not going to be in the time they should have been, because of course not. At least they’re only off by nine months and we're not going to have to watch Discovery fight dinosaurs. Though that would be pretty sick. 

Better Trek 
I wouldn't say any part of ENT is better than Discovery, but I kept on thinking about the ENT episode The Expanse. It’s hard to pin this down to one episode to pick because I think season one of Discovery has a lot in common with season three of ENT and that season's temporal cold war arc. There are a few good episodes in there. Star Trek Enterprise got a lot of shit. Most of it deserved. The first two seasons were pretty not good. It’s similar to Discovery in that they were prequels that were met with a lot of fan rage. Very cinematic first pilots. Seasons one and two were not very good. They’re more maligned than they should be, but they’re not the best. Season three was when Enterprise tried to be good and you know what, it’s not bad. There’s a season-wide arc about the temporal cold war. Which is going to have a pretty similar conclusion at some point to this whole thing. I think where at some point the events of season one of Discovery is going to be undone. I'm not crazy about that as a plot device, but I think it's coming at some point.
The episode I would go with is The Expanse. In it the Xindi, an alien race we don't hear a lot about before or after use a Death Star like device on Earth. But the whole surrounding arc is all pretty worthwhile. Though, I wouldn't necessarily recommend anyone just jump into the all of season three of Enterprise. It's not better. At all. But my brain kept on thinking about this episode. So there's that.
That's it for this week. Only two more of Discovery before more TOS. Good times. 


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