Friday, August 3, 2018

Life. Style. Blog. Glasses.

Big day in the life of any and every lifestyle blogger. I got new glasses. Glasses are a big part of being a lifestyle blogger. We literally all wear glasses. Usually, because there’s a lot of eye strain involved in studying and analyzing the latest fads and trends. Getting new glasses is exciting, but kind of terrifying. Because usually if you wear glasses you don’t see all that well. THat’s why you’re wearing glasses in the first place. You got bum peepers. That’s how that goes. 

So in order to pick out new glasses, you have to pretend you can see. It involves a lot of imagination. Because if you can’t see you can’t see how great or not great you look in your glasses. You have two options. You can repeatedly take pictures of yourself and then look at them. Meaning you’ll annoy the person whose job it is to help you pick out new glasses. Or you can go about three inches away from the mirror looking like a crazy person. Everyone is different, but I’d definitely recommend the latter. It’s the better way to really get a good look at how your mug is gonna look with the new glasses. Because even though you can get a pretty good idea how they’ll look, you really don’t. Because how often do you look at yourself that closely? Almost never unless you an actual crazy person who stares in mirrors all day. And if you’re that kind of person. maybe you shouldn’t have glasses because maybe you’re a little too into how you look. Is that what happened to your eyes? Did you strain them by looking into a mirror all the time? If that’s the case then you’re a sick fuck and you don’t deserve the honor and privilege of being bespectacled. 

There’s a lot riding on these new glasses too. You might think it’s a pretty trivial thing, but it’s not. Your glasses say a lot about you. Clear glasses mean you’re probably a hipster or an old woman. Fashion glasses mean you’re an asshole. Contacts mean you’re not wearing glasses. Fashion glasses over contacts mean you probably didn’t think that all the way through before you settled on that look. 

I went with these bad boys. 
There’s a lot riding on it because you’re stuck with it. You have to have these glasses for the next one to three years. Imagine if you went shopping for a shirt that you had to wear every day for years. You’re going to scrutinize the shit out of every choice. Imagine trying to pick out that shirt while. It’s stressful. Well. I chose them. Or rather the lady who helped me pick them out chose them. I think they’re pretty solid. I look forward to sleeping in them and wearing them while I fall off my bike until they break. 


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